Multitouch Presentation #1

Today, in NTUA- School of Architecture Costas and me presented our initial setup of a multitouch display and its capabilities regarding the urban-space reform and the interaction capabilities on public space.

The setup we used was a Sony Digicam hooked on a Linux-based laptop running tbeta (o community open-source multitouch cross-platform system :) ) and then via a projector the result (tracked IR blobs) is projected back to the acryllic that has created the IR-blobs (through FTIR) in the first place.

Primary Setup from front side

Primary Setup from front side

This was just a proof of concept on multi-touch and multi-input systems, that can be easily be the core technology behind an interactive installations in public spaces. Many ideas come up today during a brainstrorming and we are trying to detrmine our next step towards a more specific scenario-based approach :)

Primary Setup

Primary Setup

Fosscomm 2009 Recap

Fosscomm 2009 is (unfortunately) over ! It was quite an exciting experience : Meeting new people, hooking up with old friends and exchanging ideas. Virtually all the Greek foss community was there.

The event had it all : intresting presentations, nicely done workshops, long flame-wars (just for fun) and a *very* well done organization (well done to Linux Team TEI larisas) :)

As for our part (fedora’s) we got there by Friday so in Saturday we were the first ones to setup our booth :) Many laptops, stickers, flyers, posters, and some t-shirts. Most of them were given out to the people there that waited for fedora swag. As I have always pointed out, swag on such events is crucial as anyone stops by your booth and you get a chance of talking to him about fedora in general :)

My presentation went pretty well (after getting over the anxiety that I had in the beginning) and I think that I demonstrated well why Fedora stands up between other distros and has a  leading community! After my presentation Dimitris Glezos (Fedora’s board member) gave an insightfull and very promising presentation on Transifex. After the presentaion I really started to think that if I was a programmer I would definatelly want to work on Dimitri’s company Indifex :)

On the evening the Fedora-11-el-hackfest began with some troubles at first (electricity problems, no building can stand Fedora hackers :P) and with the Workshop on FEL by Costas Antonakoglou. During Sunday and Monday some work on translations was done and 2 new translators were recruited!

During the nights we went out for typical Greek events on tsipouradiko and ouzeri. I personally went a little bit out of limit one night so I experienced a minor hang-over the day after 😉 (but it worth it)

For Fedora during the event 3 Ambassadors (Costas Antonakoglou, Christos Baharakis, myself), 1 board member (Dimitris Glezos) and a fedora-el translator (Thalia Papoutsaki) were present.

Looking forward for the next event with great people like our greek fedora buddies and the other lugs and distro teams 😀

Some nice pictures over the FTP server of Linux Team TEI larisas.

Getting Ready for Fosscomm 2009

The final things are about to get in the luggage. Tomorrow morning we are going to Fosscomm 2009 the annual gathering of the Greek Foss communities. There we will have a Fedora booth and we will host a hackfest on the upcoming Fedora 11 ! Am I am also going to give a speech on Fedora in general :)

Today I also got the ordered Fedora Banner for the event! Here it is :

Fedora Logo Banner

Fedora Logo Banner

Fedora Logo Banner Close-Up

Fedora Logo Banner Close-Up

Clonezilla saves the day

A week ago my laptop’s hdd started clicking. With no hesitation at all, I bought a new Seagate Momentum 160G at 7200 rpm and started thinking about the replacement. For the obvious reasons I wasn’t going for a fresh install, so I ended up reading about hard disk cloning.

Looking for a free and open source tool I stumbled upon CloneZilla . I downloaded it, burnt it on a CD, hooked up the old and the new hdd :

Cloning my disks

Cloning my disks

Then booted the live cd and after 5-6 choices (all listed pretty simple) the cloning started right away!

OK, lets do it !

OK, let's do it !

After about 30′ everything was done. I am still really impressed by the speed and the capabilites of the CloneZilla (even multicast and unicast for mass deployment!). Thanks to developers for keeping it free and open source!