Fedora 11 through every option

Leonidas is out (for about a week now), and having 4 PCs on Fedora 10 it was about time to upgrade :)

My main Desktop moved to F11 through pre-upgrade, an excellent tool that handles the upgrade process :)

My secondary Desktop was upgraded through the DVD (slower because i had to download firstly the DVD-iso and burn it)

Moving to my secondary laptop, which was clean installed to the x86_64 version. It was about time for that kind of change. At first I was worried about incompatibility issues with plug-ins in firefox etc but everything seems to work just fine till now.

And last but not least, my main everyday-use laptop. I am still in the balance for the upgrade. It currently runs on Fedora 10 i386. Propably I should have to upgrade it to x86_64 version of F11 but this has to be done by the fearFULL process of clear-install :( So I have to back up my keys my settings etc… Not having time for these (exams approaching) I shall wait for another 2 weeks and see how the F11 x86_64 in my second laptop goes.

There is no *really* NO need to mention that everything worked out great and there was NOT a single problem during the above upgrades :)

Fedora FTW !