Kam Workshop 2009 – First Half

Here we are in Chania already spend 4 days in KAM for a workshop on Shelves and Archive Structures. Having passed the threshold of socializing I manage to communicate quite well with almost everyone here. We have a strict schedule on projects (KERNEL included) and presentations.

Yesterday we build an realization of KERNEL that could possibly be used for a hackfest (open source serves open source!!). I was very passionate on the idea and after a discussion with Petros Moris we came up with an idea!

The organization of a joined workshop on free and open source culture in all kind of projects. Open software, open hardware, open architecture, open art, open music, open movies and so on!

I am already trying to figure out the possibility on such an event. In fact i cant get it out of my mind! It would be just awsome!

On the practical aspects of the Workshop we are staying in a conference centre nearby Chania. Mr. Oreopoulos (one of the instructors here) was kind enough to introduce us with the nigh-side of Chania! Military pubs full of history and hardcore bars :)

More to follow in the next days.