FAD EMEA 2009 – First Half

After a smooth ride to Rheinfleden (air-plane-train) on Friday, I ended up in Gerold’s house with the other Fedora EMEA team and Max (visiting us from USA). We had a night talk on next day’s agenda and some minor things and then we were dragged into a conversation on legal issues for using Fedora logo and name regionally. Gerold’s wife was kind enough to cook us dinner (a wonderful local pizza-like thing :O ) !

Later night, we ended up in the castle, in witch we will sleep the next two days (kinda creepy 😛 ).

In the morning we were woke up by  the castle’s chapel bells ringing for 4 minutes! After a quick breakfast we ended up at Gerold’s living room once again and the sessions started!

We discussed on what and how we need things from Red Hat (especially on shipping etc) and then it was my time to present the Greek Community and the Fedora Coffee event proposal. This will be an easily-organised minor news-update event (I said it in a phrase!) organised by a local Ambassador. More updates to come on this topic after next Friday (the first Demo Fedora Coffee in Athens). Then Joerg informed us on mentoring ambassadors processes and updates on this subject, just before the coffee-break happening just about now :)

More on the rest FAD EMEA 2009 tomorrow! Meanwhile feel free to join us in #fedora-fad @ Freenode :)

Kam Workshop 2009 – Final Half

The final days where full of anxiety about the final result (an archive shelf mechanism) from each team.

Using Alfresco I had set up a collaboration website where everything (progress, photos, concepts etc) was logged tagged and stored. Even though I was enlisted at the team number 1 I was not able to fulfil my duties there full-time partially because of the KERNEL side-project and partially for the Site Tweaking.

Kam Workshop KERNEL Cube

Kam Workshop KERNEL Cube

As KERNEL side-project is concerned, we built 3 realizations of it, with the 3rd being the most interesting. It was a Dexion Cube (1.2m) where a man good sit inside and be isolated from the outer world. The project had some interesting metaphorical meanings and some structural details to be looked into. The Final outcome was so good, it was even modified to become a DJ-Deck for the last night party (which I proudly DJed).

Pegy Zali Coordinating KERNEL Construction

Pegy Zali Coordinating KERNEL Construction

The overall experience of such an event was quite good for any architecture related student or young professional. On the pros where the nice (even strict) program, and the community sense between everybody (I even managed to give a speech on FOS-Architecture!). On the down side I would put the low usage of any digital enhancements (the site i built, other collab software) and the really absent breakfast on the Dormitories of Maich (How the hell are they holding Symposiums there ? :S) :P.

I definitely look forward for the next experience like this :)