Glezos got PWNED



Dimitris got pwned in his homebase! I got access and took the chance to leave a message! Apparently he has to be trained more in order to become a real ninja!

Thanks to Thalia for her help :)

These are the reactions (before Beredimas told Dimitris it was me) :

Till next time my dear friend….till next time :)

FAD EMEA 2009 – Final Half

I am in the plane, returning back home (Athens). I recall the things that we have done during the last 2 days in Rheinfelden and I am amazed! They amount of things that can be organized-done by a bunch of people given a small amount of time and specific goals, is just impressive! We managed to have all our discussions (noted in our agenda) on schedule and even discuss on topics brought up, out of the agenda :)

One such topic was the “merit badge” idea! Instead of having a t-shirt or something (apparel) distinctive for each Fedora Team whouldn’t it be nice to have a generic polo shirt (Fedora Contributor) and then put badges on it depending on the team that you participate ? This way you can show the involvement that you have in Fedora right-away! We can even have regional badges for every region of the world (NA,EMEA,LATAM,APAC). The other participands of FAD EMEA liked the idea so I’ll contact the Art Team in order to discuss it further and possible put it in motion! :) Please leave some feedback on that so we can have multiple opinions :)

Maybe Fedora ones?

Maybe Fedora ones?

For the last dinner in Rheinfelden we went in a nice Italian restaurant to relax from the tension of the day. Max was kind enough to explain me some USA sports issues :)  Afterwards we all slept like woods (thats a Greek phrase 😛 ) except from Max and Gerold cause Gerold had to give Max a ride to the airport at 5:30 in the morning!!

Next morning, after waking up once again by the “4min bells” (!) we dropped by Gerold’s house for a morning calm session. Then Fabian, Yaakov and Jeroen were kind enough to join me lunching in Rheinfelden while I was waiting to catch my train back to Zurich Airport.

All things considered,  FAD EMEA was a wonderful experience for me as I got a real smell of what “organization” of a big project (like Fedora) means. Hopefully my addition to that was positive :)

Can’t wait for the next Major Fedora Event in Europe, possibly FOSDEM in Feb 2010 ! :)