Fedora 12 Athens Release Party – the summary

So the time came! And we gathered up in Egalite Pub to celebrate the new Fedora 12 – Constantine. Thalia, Anastasis and myself arrived early to set the things up. Soon we were joined by the newcomer Pantelis :)

We did some testing on new features (mainly the ipv6 and connection sharing) and during those tests the first people started to come. At first I was afraid not many would show up, but fortunately I was mistaken.

Gathering Up!

Gathering Up!

Then it was time for the presentation! Thanks to the Belgian Ambassadors I was able to have good media on my hand to throw a really nice general presentation on Fedora Project and on Fedora 12 in specific. There were questions mainly on the new features and I though that some hands-on testing of them should be good.

Giving the presentation

Giving the presentation

For that reason we setup 2 laptops with F12 and we saw some Virtualization magic (nice flaw-management), the really nice new packageKit plug-in (although it needs some bug zapping-I’ve already filed the bug :) ), and other cool feature including some testing of the Moblin platform which is now proudly based on Fedora!

The time passed by so we got ready for the surprise of our party – the birthday cake!

Damn! We really enjoyed that cake :)

Many discussions followed and I am really happy with the support and respect everyone shows on Fedora Project. Some couple round of beers later and a nice dropout on a local restaurant and the night was done, leaving me (and I hope others too) with the can’t-wait-for-the-next-event feeling!

Thanks to Thalia we have some really nice photo album from the event here !

I guess she is becoming a nice photographer with her new camera :)

Many thanks to all who attended and made this event happen. See ya on the next one!

Fedora 12 Athens Release Party

I am so excited about this!

After many years the turn of Athens has come for the Greek Release Party! So it’s my time, Anastasis’ and Thalia’s to organize it!

After the successful Fedora Coffee @ Egalite Pub, we decided that this is going to be our venue for the Release Party as well. So we created a google calendar event, a google map, bloged it, tweeted it, mailed it, spread it! I hope it’s going to be a nice event with many people coming to meet our Constantine :)

More info on our wiki and on our greek page.

Stay tuned for summary and photos!