FOSDEM 2010 – Final Thoughts

Fosdem 2010 is over and indeed I had the time of my life.

It was nice to be back this year and I noticed that some things changed. As a matter of fact we (as FedoraProject) were informed that this year we could not have our dedicated Dev Room but instead we were given a Distributions Room in which we should do some combined presentations with other Distros. At first we were a little puzzled. I mean, ok we need to collaborate but on what and with who?

Anastasis and me hanging around :)

Anastasis and me hanging around :)

Some initial thoughts came up (on combined presentations with CentOS, or SuSE etc) but soon we realized that this year gonna be a “trial and error” year for that room so we kinda improvised a little bit and go for it like the other distros did. I guess the result was pretty good, taking into account that we never had such thing before. Many people got to know how other projects worked and I think that little bit of cross distro collaboration (like the excellent round-table that we had) next year would be just great.

On the rest of the event, I got to meet the Mozilla team and I am very happy about that. That’s because I want to throw a nice presentation on Mozilla Labs on Fosscomm 2010 so I was excited to attend almost any talk on Mozilla Room.

On Fedora Booth we had everything just right. We had the right attitude, the right persons and some nice newcomers :) (like Andreas and Anastasis). Next year it will be my personal goal for FOSDEM to have more and diverse swag for the Fedora booth.

Some of our swag

Some of our swag

Finally, I managed to watch Super Bowl for my very first time live! Thanks to Max, we had the final reservation on a pub showing the game live. I had some REALLY great time (Thanks Max!) and I can’t wait to see a SuperBowl again!

Overally FOSDEM was once again a great exprerience and I am starting to believe that I should attend every FOSDEM from now on…

FOSDEM 2010 – Day 1

After a long Friday, that included travelling Athens to Brussels, sightseeing and finally drinking beers on Delerium, I was on the “misfortune” to sleep with Christos and Vangelis (good friends of mine) with lots of snoring (I guess i was  snoring too :) )

Day 1 started early,waking up in 7am to prepare ourselves for the first Day of FOSDEM. We (as the fedora team) was the first one to set up a booth, which arguably was the best one for the first day :)

The talks started, and I was happy enough to get informed by Robert Hughes on ICC profiles management and GNOME. If all those fabulous integrations are integrated in GNOME it would  certainly become a professional multimedia/art/studio platform (something that I desperately need :) )

Next one was Max Spevack with his talk on Fedora Governance. The talk was an excellent presentation of how things are decided in Fedora and what sets us apart from other projects. Knowing how things work on your project and trying to resolve decision and leader problems is what keeps a project running smoothly, and Max presented that to us in his own special way! (by chalkboard, waking up and down, graphical renderings of his thoughts etc) Always glad to hear a talk from Max :)

Governments are not inspiring, people and ideas are” said Max on his talk. Couldn’t agree more.

Next one was a very entertaining and kinda funny presentation on HTLM 5 by Paul Rouget. I really like the clearness of the code :)

Finally it was time for Fedora again with a presentation on SpaceWalk by Marcus Moeller and Sandro Mathys which started with a brilliant showcase of SpaceWalk’s feature but unfortunatelly due to time constraints we weren’t able to see any hands-on testing and deployment :(

Now, in the end of they day, after hours talking on communities and projects I HAVE to sleep… See ya next day! (Still can’t believe I am in FOSDEM this year too 😛 )