Fedora 13 beta with final on the way!

Fedora 13 is ready to lunch and those of us that could not stand the wait until mid-May, we have to try Fedora 13 beta !

Once again our community brought the latest foss features to the world :)

Btrfs, Gnome 2.30, Color Profiles and more stable kvm experience are just the tip of the Fedora 13 iceberg! I gave a try on btrfs and the end experience is just amazing. You can roll back your filesystem without reverting permanently you files. Thus you could mess with linear versions or even mesh-like versioning  of your files. Endless capabilities, endless freedom :)

I am currently on the haste to work on as many features of Fedora 13 as possible, because next week I am going to present most of them in FossComm 2010 where Fedora Greek community is going to shine again.

Stay tuned and spread the word of Fedora !