Fedora Ambassadors – Conflict of Interest ?

I was thinking of it for quite a long now. If a person is an active Fedora Ambassador, can he be an Ambassador (or related term) on another project? The answer is conditional “no” and “yes” so lets take a look on those conditions :

Ambassadors and related sub-projects

I am going to assume here that “Ambassadors” within Fedora are the hard-core supporters, and I am doing that because “by design” Ambassadors are those that actively recruit new Fedorians and spread the word of Fedora. You cannot do that unless you are focused and determined. Likewise projects like OpenSuse and others have their take on Ambassadors. So here is the thing :

“If you are a Fedora Ambassador, you cannot be in a similar sub-project of another distribution”

Imagine being in a booth and been asked “Which distro should I try?” What would be the answer? … There is a small exception here. I believe that some target-specific distros (like super-light ones, or for embedded devices) can be actively promoted by a Fedora Ambassador. But this happens because there is a different target group, and then again there are not well formed groups as Ambassadors.

What about other parts of the project?

I do not believe that there is any blocker into being part of any Fedora sub-project other than Ambassadors and in the similar sub-project on other Distro. This happens a lot nowadays. We share translators with Ubuntu, packagers with Debian, marketers with OpenSuse and Designers with Mint (random examples). The whole foss ecosystem runs well and benefits from exchanging ideas and people resources. But this cannot be the case for Ambassadors.

What about other foss projects (not distros)?

Of course you should be free to support and promote any other foss project (like Mozilla, LibreOffice etc) in any ways that you can. This will add up to your foss contribution and make our world a little more Free and Open Source :)

Is this the “law”?

The above mentioned views are some thoughts I have on the subject. I am determined to form them with feedback from the whole community so we can reach a decision within FAmSCo (Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee – the ruling body of Ambassadors). Then we will have a directive on this subject and we can enforce it or take action on that. Most probably “action” will be to actively persuade people to make up their minds and explain the situation :)

Why are we doing this?

I am determined that by shading a light on this not-clarified issue of our Ambassadors project, will both help Ambassadors thrive and be sure on their position, and will also clarify our connections and relations with other Distros. It is for sure for the best of our project :)

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