ReMo ~ Structure

Following last weeks brownbag presentation of MozillaReps program (thanks all for attending!) we are willing to go into details about our upcoming program structure so we can have as much feedback as possible on this. Before starting I want to emphasize that this is a draft structure that is most probably going to be followed during the early stages of ReMo and can be adapted to meet our needs as our program evolves.

Possible Mozilla Contributors
This is actually not a ReMo element, but still it will be our main scope. MozReps will be called to recruit and mentor new Mozilla contributors, facilitating them while joining various Mozilla projects.
Mozilla Reps
MozReps will of course be the core of the ReMo program. They will organize or participate in Mozilla community events, represent Mozilla at conferences and speak on Mozilla’s behalf. They will also have the privilege to manage local PR relations (PR workshops will help them on that) Leading local training workshops will also be an activity of MozReps. While MozReps engage on all those activities they will be asked to communicate, blog and document all activities. Finally they will act as liaisons with Mozilla project teams.
Regional Coordinators
Regional Coordinators will a designated team of people (5-15 as the program evolves) by MozReps to coordinate regional activities, coordinate and manage applications (new MozReps), manage swag requests and oversee regional inventory. In general they will mentor and help regionally MozReps enabling them to engage in their various activities smoothly. Finally they will provide budget oversight for ReMo Council.

ReMo Council
The Remo Council (or Jedi Council as we like to call it :) ) will be 7 elected MozReps plus two Mozilla Stuff (William and me for now). They will provide governance and support to assist Mozilla Reps worldwide, coordinating global ReMo activities. Budget handling will also be one of their main tasks. They will also regularly inform and update Mozilla project teams about contributor activity. Finally they will act as the ultimate dispute resolution organ. For kickstarting we will have a provisional council (until elections) formed by experienced Mozilla Contributors willing to help on our kickstarting phase.

This was a quick overview of the ReMo structure as we envision it right now. Stay tuned for more detailed updates and as always check our wiki regularly!

ReMo ~ You have mail!

… well actually you are going to have more than one :) After a successful first round of open IRC planning meetings about ReMo, we are happy to announce that we created two new mailing lists to help us coordinate our efforts communicating updates about the program and gather feedback (in combination with our bi-weekly calls) :

The mailing list will be and the associated newsgroup will be mozilla.reps.general . This mailing list will help us communicate for day to day operations and general announcement for the project.
The mailing list will be and the associated newsgroup will be mozilla.reps.webdev . This mailing list will act as the coordination channel for planning, deploying and administering the Infrastructure for ReMo. (before and after launch)

Of course these mailing lists are open to public and we would love to see more people getting subscribing to them and involved into forming and driving the project, so feel free to join us!

Also, a reminder, we already have the corresponding IRC Channels #remo and #remo-dev in . Drop by to say hi!

Stay tuned for more updates and as always make sure you frequently check the ReMo wiki :)