Kenya Trip Day 3-4-5

After the Firefox 4 party (more here) Mozilla Kenya team was unstoppable! Early morning the day after, most of the members of the community showed up on the Kenya Mozilla meetup to review actions made, and set goals for the next quarters to come. The meeting minutes can be found here. Dietrich and I were more than happy to be present and advise when needed, enabling actions to happen as soon as possible.

Sunday was a day off for the team (at least its morning). Dietrich, Cliff, Vicky and I woke up 5am to head to the “Nairobi National Park” just outside Nairobi, for a much needed Safari :) Lion was only the start as we ended up enjoying the whole spectrum of animal kingdom in the wild. Photos can be found in this album.

During the afternoon of the same day we had the chance to catch up with Kennedy Kasina (Fedora Ambassador in Kenya) and we laid down and start working on some ambitious plans: Having a Fedora Activity Day (with Mozilla presence) in Kenya during the summer. Kennedy is a great contributor -true doer- so I am pretty sure that Kenya FAD will be soon true :)

For Monday, Alex has booked our schedule for the whole day! 3 different presentations about Mozilla and Firefox 4 :)

We started with AkiraChix (an women-only webdev group) where Dietrich demonstrated the usage of our new integrated Web Console. Akira girls were impressed by the ease of use and the added functionality it provides. (well done for those who built that!)

Then it was time for Nairobits. NairoBits is a Digital Design School that provides education to the Nairobi slum youth. The concept is more than interesting and inspiring, and being able to be among so many cool kids building the future web was our privilege. While questions about firefox 4 were fired we also showcased a lot of HTLM5 awesomeness :)

For the end of the day we had Kenya University, where we had a group of graduate students on CS attending our talk. Unfortunately Dietrich was on his way to the airport so I was alone in the wild :) And it was wild! We had over one hour of Q&A for topics ranging from mozilla in general to quite technical things about XUL and JS. Alex was always there to give the latest updates from the local community side (thanks Alex!) and I am pretty sure that the ml subscribers of the local list doubled after our tours… More fresh blood to the already hyper-active Mozilla Kenya!

Overall, our trip in Kenya has been a super productive week full of Mozilla and Firefox 4 goodness :) Mozilla Kenya has a firm base that within Mozilla we need to take as example and replicate that to neighboring countries (that’s next item on the list!) Congratulations to all the local guys for setting all these up. On a personal level, although exhausting, last week was a life experience for me (foss, mozilla, fedora, events, socializing, safari, africa, nairobi and the list goes on…)

Africa is up and coming, and Mozilla will be there!

ps. pressing “Publish” and heading to the airport now… last action items tackled with Alex here. Till next time : ” Tuonane Afrika ! “

Legacy link context menu addon

Moving from Firefox 3.x to Firefox 4?

Used to having “Open link in New Tab” as a second option on Right click menu and now it is first?

Are you tired ending up with all those new windows you do *not* want?

Well, here is an add-on for you!

Legacy link context menu addon is an addon that swaps the position of those two menu items so you can have your legacy menu still on Firefox 4 :)

You can download it today from Mozilla Add-Ons website

Built by me using Jetpack, under 30minutes with guidance from Dietrich.. Thanks Dietrich!


Kenya Trip Day 1-2 and Firefox 4 Party

After a long flight via Istanbul, I finally landed to Nairobi well after midnight. Straight to the hotel downtown and tried to get some sleep.

Waking up next day, I had the pleasure to catch up with Dietrich Ayala (my fellow tripster), Alex Wafula and the rest of his team, shortly before hoping in a bus and head 4 hours North from Nairobi to give a talk about Firefox 4 and Mozilla to Egerton University at Njoro.

The atmosphere there was great and we had the chance to amaze and inform people about Firefox 4 :) Dietrich did an excellent job presenting all the new cool feature of Firefox and Alex closed the presentation with a brief introduction of Mozilla Kenya community.

Overall first day was exhausting in terms of travelling (~8 hours in a bus crossing Kenya, but with 3G in the middle of nowhere!) but it was rewarding to say the least, having the chance to be with more than 100 people talking about Firefox 4 :)

We went to sleep early because Day 2 would be Firefox 4 Party day!

Some meetings we had early morning where moved so we headed to iHub from early morning. iHub is an awesome hackerspace/co-working place in Nairobi and certainly a place to be if you are a geek traveling in Kenya :) Cool place, internet, and great people to meet!

That was the venue of our party so we stayed there to help with the preparations, although there were not many things to do as Alex and Linnet (our local Mozilla stars) had took care of almost everything! The place gradually got dressed up in Firefox colors and restructured so it could fit our needs. Projectors, invite list, tables, food were in place so we are about to start:

Although we were expecting 100 people to show up, we ended up having more than 200 people! Linnet was the MC for the night, while Alex was taking care that everything was in place :) Big team doing great stuff! We started with a presentation of the new Mozilla Kenya Website and then moved into a summary of Mozilla Kenya activities. Time for Dietrich and me to give our Firefox 4 and generic Mozilla talk! The room was full and we had the chance to amaze once again everyone that didn’t know things about Firefox 4. Short Q&A followed and then we split up into groups spending the rest of the night answering questions and getting feedback for Firefox 4. (we also had some awesome cake! at least everyone had some except from me :( 😛 )

Overall, the event was a total success, engaging people around Mozilla Kenya community. Congratulations once again to the Mozilla Kenya team! They certainly set the bar high for all the communities around the world!

You can find the photos from first two days here.

Stay tuned for updates and photos for the upcoming days :)

Firefox 4 – Athens Launch Party

Having the opportunity to spread Firefox 4 love face to face without getting : “when will it be released?” is something that I was looking forward for some months now!

Although most of the Firefox 4 parties will be held around 15 April, we decided to have our Athens one last Friday (being the first around the world!). Meetup page was created and many people signed-up. Alex and the rest of the team made sure to ship our party packs in time and I was armed and ready for some Firefox 4 awesomeness.

As we do with most of the foss events in Athens, we had our party at Egalite Cafe. 7pm has the starting time and by 8pm 20 people were there ready to hear more about their beloved browser.

We had a thorough presentation of new features and a long Q&A session. It still amazes me how many people are thrilled by our Sync feature :)

Like in every decent party we needed a cake. And we made sure to have a big one with Firefox logo on top of it. (Side story: The patisserie guy was so happy to make the Firefox cake that he documented it on his display album :P)

I was once again left with no swag. (there are *never* enough swag).

Overall it was once again an engaging and fun event for the Mozilla Greek community. I can’t wait to see the Nairobi party in 2 todays. (although I am pretty sure that they will have us outnumbered and outgunned, at least I am making sure for the latter)

More pictures can be found on Saliyath’s Picasa album. Thanks Thalia!