LibreGraphicsMeeting 2010 ~ Day 2

Ok… thats not fair 😛 Nicu is a photographer and has all the photos of the event… He then does that self-explanatory posts and we are left with the descriptive task :)

Anyway, the Day 2 found me as a member of the stuff trying to polish the WiFi and make sure everyone has Internet connection :)

We followed many talks and workshops on exciting design software like Inkscape and many font talks (Font SIG guys should be here)

The scope og the day though, was about contacts :) I had a nice chance to catch up with Hong Phuc Dang who is organizing FOSSASIA, a very promising event in Vietnam and possibly this could interest Fedora Project and Mozilla Foundation (more updates on that will come) Expansion to Africa and Asia are starting to forming up as main goals for foss communities I guess :)

After the first sessions we headed back to the hotel to prepare for the LGM Dinner but first we needed to stop by the Japanese figures store so that Nicu can look for 1535th time some figures 😛

Dinner was great and we had a nice cross-distro discussion with Steve Conklin (Canonical Employee) for their views on upstream dev and background projects :)

Then it was party time! Grabbed some beers and had many chit-chats with various projects (convincing them to pack for fedora also :P) like RawStudio (nice project for RAW btw!)

3rd day is gonna have some nice workshops and Blender will be on the mainline! Can’t wait for that!

ps. Blame nicu for no photos… 😛