Fedora 13 Athens Release Party – Review

Fedora’s new release was once again set to be celebrated in Greece :)

This time though we had some great idea! Because the community is growing in Athens and Thessaloniki we decided to host a double release party! Also we would be connected through video to greet ourselves :)

The party started at the same time on Athens and Thessaloniki and we had a nice chance to get to know new people and spread the word of Fedora as we always do!

Fun is always part of our events and we sure did have some great time with old and new friends. I presented some new features of Fedora 13 and the One Page Release Notes proved to be very handy!

The “Fedora Cake” that we had thanks to Thalia was wonderful! It vanished in no time!

We would really like to explore more the possibility of multiple parallel release parties interconnected through the internet :) That would be some great fun!

See ya on the next release party :)