FUDCon EMEA – Day 2

Day two started with a little bit of delay for our Greek team as we meshed up the transportations (no we were not lost!).

Thankfully we made it in time for FPL‘s talk “Future of fedora” the main inspirational talk where Jared shared his vision for Fedora . “We are our greatest enemy” was the punchline and he is quite right about that! Keep up the high moral :)

Next it was Mo’s time to share her vision on the Design Team tools and workflows and the workshop run out of time before we examined more possible mockups and tools. BTW I think that she is doing an excellent job with this mock-ups and we *really* need to see them examine them and work on them. Take a look at : https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Website_redesign there are some great designs! Can’t wait for the actual site to start forming up :)

My time had come to introduce to the audience the “Design Suite“. After a brief introduction on what is a “Spin” and what set the Fedora Spins apart, we had the chance to take a deeper look on the packages and configurations proposed for the upcoming F14 Design Suite. I think we managed to reach a consensus on that: Design Suite should focus on the Graphic tools and provide also basic functionality for Audio and Video editing :) More on that will follow on a blogpost.

Afterwards, “spot” gave us an insight on the craziest ever legal system on the world. The U.S. one. Unfortunately Fedora (through RedHat) is bind by it and we need to make sure everything we do is still OK with the US laws and export regulations etc… Thats kind of restricting but also reassuring some times.We shall see :)

Finally by the end of the day the FUDPub time was on! We all ended up on a nice Pizza place and got beer after beer on discussions after discussions. They were some nice heated discussions with FPL conserning the future of Fedora in EMEA region and how we will facilitate the needs of the EMEA side of the project. It is still an active one and we need to follow on that and see what needs to be corrected or not.

Headed back to the hotel to get ourselves refuelled (yeap we need to sleep every now and then)

See ya tomorrow on the final day (Barcamp) on FUDCon Zurich 2010!

ps. still no photos, hopefully the last post will have some and a link to the picasa gallery :)