POSSE South Africa – Day 3

Today is going to be possibly the most productive one :) We sat down and outlined some Projects that the participants wanted to work hands-on and we get down to business helping them (basically enabling them to use the tools we use)

The projects proposed were: Fedora Mirrors in SA (already done), Package Building, fossification of existing projects and Translations. We actually got everyone started in some project :) On localization side I had Grat initiating Afrikaans Translations of the main Fedora Websites :)

Getting many people from diverse environments in the same place, discussing on the same topic (“Open Source Ecosystem”) you end up with a lot of ideas that need to be outlined and expressed :) Thats why Mel and I created a nice artwork on a whiteboard (plain good old analogue stuff) and Jan was kind enough to photo it and clear it up. So here it is!

Last day for me tomorrow :) Many projects and commits coming up :) Stay tuned…

ps. possibly I am going to write the last post after returning to Athens (have to catch a plane! :P)