FOSSASIA 2010 ~ Day 2

The day started with another crazy ride from our hotel to the venue :) I might get used to the swarm of motorbikes finally 😛 Hope not…

We got there just in time to start our Fedora Workshop! Truong (our local Ambassador) had a first round of slides in Vietnamese (they where many local ones :) ) explaining the basic of the project and then it was my turn to expand on contribution and collaboration techniques we use in Fedora :) I outlined IRC, mailing lists, fas, had a brief introduction to translations and then we split up in groups to work on what people wanted :) Hopefully we have 3 more translators in Vietnam now!

The session went pretty well and all the guys where invited to the Release Party afterwards (If only I knew…. :P)

Lunch time! We had some great time on a Chinese/Local place with *lots* of rice and some meat…

Quickly back to the venue, so Dietrich and I hosted a nice Q&A session on Mozilla Firefox and then we showed some HTML5 candies :) Gets them every time 😛 Mozilla hacks is as always the definite source for HTML5 Demos. Check it out!

Just after that, Fedora Design Suite on it’s best! Dave Crossland and Jon Phillips got 25 DVDs of Design Suite and booted a whole class of PC to introduce students to Font Creation and Inkscape.

On the same setup Dietrich and I hosted a session on Mozilla Labs focusing in F1 (easy share!) and Contacts (have them all together!). Everyone got to use Firefox 4 beta 7 and some nice Labs Add-ons!

After a nice lunch I called Truong who was already in the University preparing the Fedora 14 Release party. Apparently it was held in the center of HCMC Public University and we had to find the place! After some nice guidance from Truong and signs I got to the place….

I have to say something. Yesterday was my birthday :) The scene that I encountered when I got in the room of Fedora 14 Release party was one of the best birthday gifts I ever had.

A room *full* of people listening to Truong talking about Fedora 14 and Fedora Project. It was AWESOME :) At first I though most of them were there due to their teachers, but when we started a Q&A session I realized I was so wrong… they were asking about PAE kernels, broadcom drivers, dual boot and LVM etc!

I did my best to answer all the questions and Truong and An Nguyen where kind enough to help with translations :) Truong did an excellent job organizing the whole thing! Coffee and water was available, many lecturers from the University where attending and people wanted to know more and more about fedora. I gave also a brief introduction to open source software (not really necessary as half of them had tried a distro before!)

By the end of the party we gave out t-shirt, LiveCD and stickers to everyone :) 134 people where there! I believe that sets a new fedora record !

The local Vietnamese community was introduced and many people are already starting to send emails wanting to start translating :)

There was only one way to end such a day… Several rounds of beer with a dozen of guys :)

Thanks Truong for everything once again!

ps. album updated!
ps2. don’t be fooled… average age in those pictures = 23 yo … yeah.. I know :)