FOSDEM 2011 ~ Day -2

Ha! How refreshing this can be? FOSDEM 2011 is only 3 days away :)

I am leaving tomorrow just to be in time at Brussels to catch up with as many guys as possible! Laptop – check, cellphone – check, cloths – check I guess I am ready :) But once again I had some swag to bring with me to enrich Fedora booth!

I did some initial testing on printing on cd sleeves and after a few tries I ended up with a quite acceptable result! Zoltan will fill them up with Lightscribe discs (thanks Zoltan!).

This year FOSDEM trip will be more than busy for me. I will help on both Mozilla’s and Fedora’s Booth, have a few meetings and try to attend as many talks as possible. Really looking forward to see the joined session by Fedora Project Leader and Debian Project Leader (our future sounds promising). There seem to be a lot that we can learn from each other and we could also share some practices in the future. For one thing, this connection can really work on technicalities of our projects.

On Mozilla side, we have a full schedule for our Dev room and many star contributors will present their latest work on SuMo, L10n, Jetpack and Firefox 4! Can’t wait to catch up with all guys :) On booth I am prepared to stand up to the standards Milos will set! In Mozilla, this year’s FOSDEM marks a turn on our approach to it. I believe we did the right thing by now shipping *everyone* to FOSDEM so we can save resources to have *everyone* attending our next MozCamp Europe. Besides FOSDEM is meant to be a meeting place among communities so we had to focus on our outreach and connection and not to our internal meetups.

Spoiler : we are baking some nice news for you so stay tuned… (one word : ReMo)

On personal side, 3 other people will occupy my room on a joined Fedora-Mozilla mission. Christos Bacharakis (senior Fedora Ambassador), George Fiotakis (long time Mozilla l10n contributor), and our crazy Fedora photographer Nicu! This is a sample of his everyday life in hostels:

ps. told ya!

ps2. as always expect daily updates from FOSDEM and many photos!