FOSDEM 2011 ~ Day 1

As expected, FOSDEM this year was so exciting and busy on the same time for me :)

Today we had our first day, and from the morning everything went great : we set up early the Fedora booth (full of swag and at last with a nice tablecloth) and we had a busy booth throughout the day! Special thanks to Zoltan, Cristoph, Jared, Marios, Gent and Max for making sure that our booth was rocking all the time! (You are stars guys!)

On devrooms side, I followed some interesting talks (especially the M.A.D. one and the keynote) and also did some time on the Mozilla one (fully packed as always)

After the end of today’s FOSDEM, we had our Mozilla Meeting to catch up with everyone and play some laser tag! Unfortunately I had to leave early (sorry Kadir) cause I needed to attend the Freedentity meeting, where we had nice chatting over Identity issues on the emerging globalization and how open web can be part of the solution (I guess a thorough post on that will be needed).

Tomorrow I will try to spend more time on Mozilla Booth, helping out Milos on keeping our booth perfect :)

ps. cannot write any more.. so tired and need some sleep to be in perfect shape tomorrow…
ps2. photos and more details just after FOSDEM :) (sorry mom 😛 )