Firefox 4 – Athens Launch Party

Having the opportunity to spread Firefox 4 love face to face without getting : “when will it be released?” is something that I was looking forward for some months now!

Although most of the Firefox 4 parties will be held around 15 April, we decided to have our Athens one last Friday (being the first around the world!). Meetup page was created and many people signed-up. Alex and the rest of the team made sure to ship our party packs in time and I was armed and ready for some Firefox 4 awesomeness.

As we do with most of the foss events in Athens, we had our party at Egalite Cafe. 7pm has the starting time and by 8pm 20 people were there ready to hear more about their beloved browser.

We had a thorough presentation of new features and a long Q&A session. It still amazes me how many people are thrilled by our Sync feature :)

Like in every decent party we needed a cake. And we made sure to have a big one with Firefox logo on top of it. (Side story: The patisserie guy was so happy to make the Firefox cake that he documented it on his display album :P)

I was once again left with no swag. (there are *never* enough swag).

Overall it was once again an engaging and fun event for the Mozilla Greek community. I can’t wait to see the Nairobi party in 2 todays. (although I am pretty sure that they will have us outnumbered and outgunned, at least I am making sure for the latter)

More pictures can be found on Saliyath’s Picasa album. Thanks Thalia!