Fosscomm 2009 Recap

Fosscomm 2009 is (unfortunately) over ! It was quite an exciting experience : Meeting new people, hooking up with old friends and exchanging ideas. Virtually all the Greek foss community was there.

The event had it all : intresting presentations, nicely done workshops, long flame-wars (just for fun) and a *very* well done organization (well done to Linux Team TEI larisas) :)

As for our part (fedora’s) we got there by Friday so in Saturday we were the first ones to setup our booth :) Many laptops, stickers, flyers, posters, and some t-shirts. Most of them were given out to the people there that waited for fedora swag. As I have always pointed out, swag on such events is crucial as anyone stops by your booth and you get a chance of talking to him about fedora in general :)

My presentation went pretty well (after getting over the anxiety that I had in the beginning) and I think that I demonstrated well why Fedora stands up between other distros and has a  leading community! After my presentation Dimitris Glezos (Fedora’s board member) gave an insightfull and very promising presentation on Transifex. After the presentaion I really started to think that if I was a programmer I would definatelly want to work on Dimitri’s company Indifex :)

On the evening the Fedora-11-el-hackfest began with some troubles at first (electricity problems, no building can stand Fedora hackers :P) and with the Workshop on FEL by Costas Antonakoglou. During Sunday and Monday some work on translations was done and 2 new translators were recruited!

During the nights we went out for typical Greek events on tsipouradiko and ouzeri. I personally went a little bit out of limit one night so I experienced a minor hang-over the day after 😉 (but it worth it)

For Fedora during the event 3 Ambassadors (Costas Antonakoglou, Christos Baharakis, myself), 1 board member (Dimitris Glezos) and a fedora-el translator (Thalia Papoutsaki) were present.

Looking forward for the next event with great people like our greek fedora buddies and the other lugs and distro teams 😀

Some nice pictures over the FTP server of Linux Team TEI larisas.