Fosscomm 2011 & Fedora Activity Day

May was here again, and it was time for our annual Greek Meetup. Fosscomm is the (now-standard) annual meetup of Greek foss communities, and this year it was Patras time to host it. My good friend Vasilis and the rest of his gang have done extraordinary good organizational job (arranging our accommodation, creating custom web apps for the conference, providing extensive info and material etc), and in overall I can say safely that it was the best Fosscomm so far.

Fedora team, mature enough this time, was ready to step up its presence on the event. So we decided to have a Fedora Activity Day so we could focus for a whole day on Fedora specific talks, workshops and socializing. As expected Fosscomm organizing committee was more than welcoming to our initiative so we sat down with all the team and created a full schedule of activities. Fosscomm spans over the weekend, so on Saturday we gave a talk about Fedora 15 on the main room, advertising in parallel our Sunday FAD. Initial reception was great and that filled us with power for the long Sunday :)

On Sunday we woke up early (or at least tried for that) and headed to the venue. We had a room full of computers allocated to Fedora Activity Day and this is what we did:

Transifex and Fedora Translations
It would be a shame not to have the Indifex team joining us as they are based in Patras. They gave a thorough introduction to Transifex translation platform and then explained the l10n procedure of Fedora. In parallel 3 of our translators were working on translating Fedora, helping out with new translators as well.

Linux Color Management
I was next on the list of presenters, ready to amaze everyone with the ease of use of our new color management capabilities. ColorD and gnome color management were mixed with general introduction to Color Profiles and Color Spaces. Photographers, artists and color freaks were there and I really enjoyed sharing my color management experiences and getting feedback on the procedures and ease of use.

RPM Packaging Workshop
A much needed talk for the Greek audience, by a skilled new packager Nikos :) We went through the basic intro to spec files and build procedures and by the end of the talk we have all managed to package a streaming tool not packaged for Fedora yet!

Linux SSD Optimization
It was my time again to showcase the latest developments on storage devices (as SSDs get more and more popular) , how the work and why we need to optimize things. Garbage collection, TRIM, ext4 and btrfs support were covered and also we showcased live some operations and their results on our disks. It is interesting how many misconceptions are surrounding the SSDs nowadays, and I was more than happy to resolve some of them :) (yeap you CAN NOT overwrite directly data on SSDs!)

Surviving with Gnome 3
Nikos joined me on this one, as we presented and showcased Gnome 3.0 with Gnome Shell. The “wow” factor went up, and we detailed the basic and some extended features (try pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R 😉 ). We also focused on the “surviving” factor and debunked many myths concerning customization and fallback modes on our new desktop manager.

Greek Edu: Building your own Fedora Remix
Nikos and Christos were there to inform the Greek public about the recent compilation a Greek Education Remix. The highlight for this Remix is that it includes packaged all the educational material for the primary and secondary school in Greece, so you are ready to go as a student or teacher in Greece! Congrats guys!

Of course, in parallel with our talks/workshops we had people working on our forum, website and consolidating our outreach channels.

Our booth was continuously running thanks to Kostas, Anastasis, Evelina, Thalia, Ale, George and Dimitris. Excellent job by all the team! Once again, the Greek Fedora guys and girls were on their best and set the standard high for the communities to follow 😉

After this successful event, we all need some rest… And then we are back in track for our next goal. Just two words : “FUDCon Athens” (phew.. I said it!)

Photos can be found here (thanks Thalia!) and here (kudos to Dimitris)