Mozilla Contribution Madlibs

Michelle Marovich is preparing to run the Designing for Participation workshop for the People team. She’s looking for some real world examples that can help make the concepts concrete for everyone, so she set up a Contribution Madlib template for people to fill out.

Here is mine, on a contribution idea I have for sometime now.

I want to get more people to contribute to Mozilla Location Service, I need thousands of people to help me on it therefore I will reach out to all established geo-communities and post on all relevant forums and mailing lists in order to publicize the work.

Then I will organize regular open meetings and local meetups with communities on the ground in order to engage with the people who are interested. I break the work down into tasks by creating local teams that can self-organize the work that needs to be done locally.

I communicate those tasks by a form of an online game, so people become more engaged with the contribution opportunities. So that we can work effectively together, I always make sure that we have an open channel on IRC with people on call to answer questions. I continue to raise awareness of the work by evangelizing what the team is doing on the already established channels of the Geolocation industry.

I communicate decisions and progress by delegating this to the people on the Location Services team that are handling progress reports. When we achieve a milestone, reach a goal, or someone does something amazing I recognize them by cool prizes, badges and local recognition titles.