Open Fest 2010

It all started when some guys from a local technical university had the idea to celebrate the “π” day (3/14/2010) with a nice festival. As those guys where interested in foss in general it quickly became a festival for the open culture :)

As Fedora Greek Team, we where invited to participate in this event. We had some great plans about our presence there and we thought of it as a mock-up for our presence in the upcoming FossComm 2010 (the biggest Foss event in Greece). So we set up some planning on the wiki and started to get our things ready for the event. We also were happy to have our North Greece Ambassador Christos with us :)

On the first day of the event we were the first community to arrive and get our booth ready.

On swag side, we had many flyers (left from Athens Digital Week), 300 CDs that were burn thanks to Thalia and Costas, nice posters made and printed by Thalia and me (using foss of course), 2 projectors and many stickers.

Anastastis, Costas, Christos and me were the 4 Ambassadors present for the event and we would also like to thank Thalia, Evelina and Pantelis for the valuable help on the booth :) Nice work guys and girls!

We had a nice Translation Marathon for Fedora 13 pushing in one day the translations 10%! Kostas Papadimas (a translation-guru) was there to help us. During the event we showcased (thanks to the projectors) Fedora 13 Alpha, Mobin 2.1, and even Fedora Games Spin with a multiplayer battle! Costas gave a nice talk on Fedora Project and Fedora 13 with many people on the auditorium.

On the booth some nice ideas were brought up like these (on the photo below) nice “Try me!” signs on demo-laptops and of course the fabulous Fedora Cheat Cubes that were a hit!

It was kinda disappointing not to see other community setting up a booth, but it was a nice mock-up for us and many people stopped by and asked about fedora, even for joining the project :)

I would like once again to thank the Fedora people for their presence and the local lug team for their hospitality!

Next stop FossComm 2010 ! See ya there!

p.s. thanks Thalia for once again covering the event with excellent photos!