Fosscomm 2010 recap

OK, Fosscomm 2010 is unfortunately over :(

It was two days full of foss presentations and meeting up with the rest Greek Foss community. Fedora Greek Team was there fully blown :)

cc by 0neiros

Christos and me on the talk - cc by 0neiros

9 (!) Fedora Ambassadors where there to speak the word of Fedora and I think we did a great job. Christos and me gave a talk on “Fedora Fails and thats a good thing” analysing the controversial idea behind fedora’s bold changes and rapid release cycles. Also I gave a workshop on “Fedora 13 features” amazing those watched it with btrfs, and color profiles management :)

Our new t-shirts where a total *hit* and we are thinking now on producing 30 more of them :) (good quality, vinyl stamps)

I also gave a workshop on Mozilla Labs that was an absolute success. I did not expect people to cram the workshop and let me talk 250% over my time 😛 I would definitely love to spread the word of Mozilla on a next event in Greece and local foss-enthusiasts cant wait to hear Mozilla news :)

Finally I would like to add that I missed the good community booths (like ours in Fedora) and hope to see more communities spring in Greece. FossComm 2010 (mainly thanks to Christos) set a high standard for similar events in Greece and those going to organize FossComm 2011 would be in much trouble 😛