How about some Antarctica?

If you have a question stuck in your head, you need to get an answer.

“Which is the place in the world with biggest Firefox share?”


Antarctica has consistently Firefox share of 80+ % for years now! (Based on all stat/market share agencies that I could dig into). This could come as a surprise to some people, but think about it! It is totally logical. Antarctica is packed with scientists/pioneers/engineers/brilliant minds that can settle for nothing less that bleeding edge technology, and this is Firefox!

Now how about leveraging this power and recognizing this fact? How about a Mozilla Antarctica Community?

Let’s kick this off! Over the next weeks David Boswell, Robert Nyman, Anthony Ricaud and me will reach out to those people, establishing a community where no browser has gone before.

Mozilla Reps welcome packs arrived!

The usual suspect, a brown van arrived once again in my doorstep. This time the package was kinda lightweight. But I should not judge by the weight.

I quickly opened the white wrapping and I had a mysterious grey bag in front of me.

Looking a bit closer, on the tag, my heart jumped :)Mozilla ReMo PackXLarge

Finally, it was party time! I cannot remember the moments between the grey bag and having all those super-uber-cool goodies laying on my desk :)

The bag includes:

  • 10x – Firefox standard-issue buttons
  • 2x – Firefox old-time-classics lanyards
  • 2x – Mozilla Reps the-little-awesome buttons (white)
  • 2x – Mozilla Reps the-little-awesome buttons (black)
  • 5x – Mozilla the-proud-ones transparent stickers (white)
  • 5x – Mozilla the-proud-ones transparent stickers (black)
  • 2x – Mozilla Reps flagship transparent stickers (white)
  • 2x – Mozilla Reps flagship transparent stickers (black)
  • 1x – Mozilla Reps awesome-ready polo shirt
  • 1x – A6 bonus welcome note

When we kickstarted Mozilla Reps back in June, we wanted to make sure that every single Mozilla Rep will be equipped with the finest set of swag to be identified and spread the love. Now we are able to provide it!

Rep mentors will be contacting their mentorees for delivery of those cant-wait-to-have packs :)

More info can be found in the Swag wiki page and you can find more pictures on this album.

Mozilla Arabic Meetup – Amman

It’s not everyday that you have to wait 2 weeks to be able to gather all updates after a meetup, due to their volume…

Two weeks ago, I was more than lucky to be able to join Arabic Community for their first Inter-Community Meetup. The hosting community was Mozilla Jordan and we were happy to have Majda and Moncef from Algeria, Melek and Sahar from Tunisia, Haitham Sinar and Ahmed from Egypt, Firas and Hatem from Palestine.

Arriving on Thursday, it was pretty obvious that this was going to be a fantastic meetup. The hosts have done excellent job on arranging travels, accommodation and meeting place. Thanks Rami, Rami, and Jordanian team! (Issa, Addy, Abdulrahman e.a). By Friday everyone has arrived and the advantage of no-language barrier (everyone was speaking Arabic) was quickly noticeable. Socializing between the team and sharing best practices started even before the official start of the event.

The First day (after a long breakfast with Egyptian team raiding the place) we focused on presenting the teams and making sure that everyone knows each other. We were lucky enough and more than happy to have Mitchell Baker with us (Chairwoman of the Mozilla Foundation), who was touring Middle East visiting the local communities.

Eman from Mozilla Jordan

Eman from Mozilla Jordan

After a long reality check session, were we identified Pros, Cons and Ideas for the Community we broke for lunch, and returned having a session on grouping and discussing about individual items that were raised in Reality Check. As night approached, everyone was so engaged in discussions around Mozilla’s presence in Arabic region, that we almost forgot the Amman-by-night walk we have arranged.

Amman is a city of 7 hills, inhabited by several civilizations over the past several thousand years. The multicultural spirit can be seen all around this wonderful city, and was the perfect setting for a Mozilla Arabic meetup!

Second day started with a goal setting session, and task management over specific goals. Cool ideas were examined and are on track :) (Country wide tours, parallel events within Arab region, common portal expansion and aggregation of Arabic content). Also we did a series of mini presentations about Mozilla projects (REMO, AMO, SUMO etc)

Haitham, Soliman and Mitchell

Haitham, Soliman and Mitchell

As promised Sunday afternoon, we had a much-needed hands-on hacking session, were we examined specific projects of Mozilla and ways to contribute on them. Bugzilla introduction, Firefox hacking and add-ons 101 were in the schedule and unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to expand on other aspects of Mozilla. Next time more hacking time! (promise!)

Sunday night was the time for out public event. We arrived in the university right on time (speeding through Amman’s heavy traffic) and although the attendance was not as high as expected, the viewers of the live stream picked at 400 people J Egyptian and Tunisian team did their magic, using social media channels and the event was covered fantastically. Mitchell gave a talk on Mozilla in general, Ahmed fascinated us about Arabic Fonts and Content and their challenges on the web and Melek with Majda gave an excellent introduction to the Open Web in Arabic :) (and partially French)

Firas, Sahar, Melek and Hatem in the public Event

Firas, Sahar, Melek and Hatem in the public Event

The impact of the event was huge. Here are some of the posts about the event and some quotes from social media:

Interviews were recoreded during the project (courtesy of Egyptian team):

Interview with Mitchell Baker, also interviews with Issa Mahasna, Rami Khader, Melek Jebnoun and myslef
More pictures from the event can be found in Ahmed’s Flickr Set
and in uStream you can find recorded the Public Event

Finally you can find all the notes, goals, minutes of the meeting in this Etherpad

Huge thanks to all the arabic team that made this event possible! Exciting times ahead of us :)

Until next time : Halas and Masalam!

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Mozilla Balkans – Sofia 2011 Meetup Recap

Two weekends ago it was time for our biannual Mozilla Balkans Meetup. The splendid tradition has started about a year ago in Skopje and it continued to Ljubljana. This time it was Sofia’s turn (and Mozilla Bulgaria community) to host the Mozilla Balkans Community for a two days event full of workshops and quality time between members.

We all arrived in Friday, and we used most of the day to get ourselves set up in the huge (yet old) Moskva Hotel in Sofia. I was traveling together with the Greek community representatives Kostas Antonakoglou and Fredy Damkalis (our rookie!) We spend most of Friday in catching up with the rest of the team and learning the new faces :)

Saturday was a community working day. We had great presentations by L10n team (Chofmann, Pike, Matjaz, Milos and Vito) and then we had a community working session around what has been good and bad on Balkans community lately.

The day ended with the Firefox 4 party of Sofia with many local people attending and having a long Q&A session with us all.

Sunday was kinda a wrap up day, as we sat down to our laptops and tried to fixed loose ends of the Balkans Community. Regional websites, L10n caveats, Sumo pushes and community health were covered as we worked throughout all day.

A week after the meeting we asked everyone to fill out their Individual Feedback on the Aftermath page.

Interesting quotes from that page:

  • everyone made it safely to the meetup and safely back home (yeap.. with taxi drivers of Sofia, that’s an accomplishment)
  • we need to have 2 full days of work so we have enough time to have presentations, discussions and hacking (+1 for me! 3 days event would be a better option from now on)
  • no wifi (the epical fail) (that was indeed kinda disturbing but Kostas hosted an adhoc network and we were fine)
  • The instructions Bogo prepared for printing were perfect, should be used as a template for future events. (Indeed pretty helpful handbook!)
  • Have an MC / responsible for every unit on the schedule and make sure he knows his rights & his responsibilities. (Important aspect of organization that should be taken care next time)

Next stop: Athens! (we still need to finalize it, but Greek team is getting pretty excited about that!)

Foss.ntua @ TV

That was a nice experience. Last Monday I had the chance together with Giannis Tsiouris to be on National Television (ET1) EsC show. We were invited to speak on behalf of Free and Open Source Community of National Technical University of Athens – Foss.Ntua (our uni), about Free Software, its culture and its status.

Overall I think that we managed to cover almost all the basics for Free and Open Source world and mentioned extensively Mozilla Firefox and other open source alternatives. We emphasized the community aspect of the projects and why we consider it important.

Added to that I had the chance to showcase Gnome 3.0 on Fedora 15 which was installed on my laptop.

Enjoy the recording below and help us translate it and subtitle it :)

Fosscomm 2011 & Fedora Activity Day

May was here again, and it was time for our annual Greek Meetup. Fosscomm is the (now-standard) annual meetup of Greek foss communities, and this year it was Patras time to host it. My good friend Vasilis and the rest of his gang have done extraordinary good organizational job (arranging our accommodation, creating custom web apps for the conference, providing extensive info and material etc), and in overall I can say safely that it was the best Fosscomm so far.

Fedora team, mature enough this time, was ready to step up its presence on the event. So we decided to have a Fedora Activity Day so we could focus for a whole day on Fedora specific talks, workshops and socializing. As expected Fosscomm organizing committee was more than welcoming to our initiative so we sat down with all the team and created a full schedule of activities. Fosscomm spans over the weekend, so on Saturday we gave a talk about Fedora 15 on the main room, advertising in parallel our Sunday FAD. Initial reception was great and that filled us with power for the long Sunday :)

On Sunday we woke up early (or at least tried for that) and headed to the venue. We had a room full of computers allocated to Fedora Activity Day and this is what we did:

Transifex and Fedora Translations
It would be a shame not to have the Indifex team joining us as they are based in Patras. They gave a thorough introduction to Transifex translation platform and then explained the l10n procedure of Fedora. In parallel 3 of our translators were working on translating Fedora, helping out with new translators as well.

Linux Color Management
I was next on the list of presenters, ready to amaze everyone with the ease of use of our new color management capabilities. ColorD and gnome color management were mixed with general introduction to Color Profiles and Color Spaces. Photographers, artists and color freaks were there and I really enjoyed sharing my color management experiences and getting feedback on the procedures and ease of use.

RPM Packaging Workshop
A much needed talk for the Greek audience, by a skilled new packager Nikos :) We went through the basic intro to spec files and build procedures and by the end of the talk we have all managed to package a streaming tool not packaged for Fedora yet!

Linux SSD Optimization
It was my time again to showcase the latest developments on storage devices (as SSDs get more and more popular) , how the work and why we need to optimize things. Garbage collection, TRIM, ext4 and btrfs support were covered and also we showcased live some operations and their results on our disks. It is interesting how many misconceptions are surrounding the SSDs nowadays, and I was more than happy to resolve some of them :) (yeap you CAN NOT overwrite directly data on SSDs!)

Surviving with Gnome 3
Nikos joined me on this one, as we presented and showcased Gnome 3.0 with Gnome Shell. The “wow” factor went up, and we detailed the basic and some extended features (try pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R 😉 ). We also focused on the “surviving” factor and debunked many myths concerning customization and fallback modes on our new desktop manager.

Greek Edu: Building your own Fedora Remix
Nikos and Christos were there to inform the Greek public about the recent compilation a Greek Education Remix. The highlight for this Remix is that it includes packaged all the educational material for the primary and secondary school in Greece, so you are ready to go as a student or teacher in Greece! Congrats guys!

Of course, in parallel with our talks/workshops we had people working on our forum, website and consolidating our outreach channels.

Our booth was continuously running thanks to Kostas, Anastasis, Evelina, Thalia, Ale, George and Dimitris. Excellent job by all the team! Once again, the Greek Fedora guys and girls were on their best and set the standard high for the communities to follow 😉

After this successful event, we all need some rest… And then we are back in track for our next goal. Just two words : “FUDCon Athens” (phew.. I said it!)

Photos can be found here (thanks Thalia!) and here (kudos to Dimitris)

Kenya Trip Day 3-4-5

After the Firefox 4 party (more here) Mozilla Kenya team was unstoppable! Early morning the day after, most of the members of the community showed up on the Kenya Mozilla meetup to review actions made, and set goals for the next quarters to come. The meeting minutes can be found here. Dietrich and I were more than happy to be present and advise when needed, enabling actions to happen as soon as possible.

Sunday was a day off for the team (at least its morning). Dietrich, Cliff, Vicky and I woke up 5am to head to the “Nairobi National Park” just outside Nairobi, for a much needed Safari :) Lion was only the start as we ended up enjoying the whole spectrum of animal kingdom in the wild. Photos can be found in this album.

During the afternoon of the same day we had the chance to catch up with Kennedy Kasina (Fedora Ambassador in Kenya) and we laid down and start working on some ambitious plans: Having a Fedora Activity Day (with Mozilla presence) in Kenya during the summer. Kennedy is a great contributor -true doer- so I am pretty sure that Kenya FAD will be soon true :)

For Monday, Alex has booked our schedule for the whole day! 3 different presentations about Mozilla and Firefox 4 :)

We started with AkiraChix (an women-only webdev group) where Dietrich demonstrated the usage of our new integrated Web Console. Akira girls were impressed by the ease of use and the added functionality it provides. (well done for those who built that!)

Then it was time for Nairobits. NairoBits is a Digital Design School that provides education to the Nairobi slum youth. The concept is more than interesting and inspiring, and being able to be among so many cool kids building the future web was our privilege. While questions about firefox 4 were fired we also showcased a lot of HTLM5 awesomeness :)

For the end of the day we had Kenya University, where we had a group of graduate students on CS attending our talk. Unfortunately Dietrich was on his way to the airport so I was alone in the wild :) And it was wild! We had over one hour of Q&A for topics ranging from mozilla in general to quite technical things about XUL and JS. Alex was always there to give the latest updates from the local community side (thanks Alex!) and I am pretty sure that the ml subscribers of the local list doubled after our tours… More fresh blood to the already hyper-active Mozilla Kenya!

Overall, our trip in Kenya has been a super productive week full of Mozilla and Firefox 4 goodness :) Mozilla Kenya has a firm base that within Mozilla we need to take as example and replicate that to neighboring countries (that’s next item on the list!) Congratulations to all the local guys for setting all these up. On a personal level, although exhausting, last week was a life experience for me (foss, mozilla, fedora, events, socializing, safari, africa, nairobi and the list goes on…)

Africa is up and coming, and Mozilla will be there!

ps. pressing “Publish” and heading to the airport now… last action items tackled with Alex here. Till next time : ” Tuonane Afrika ! “

Legacy link context menu addon

Moving from Firefox 3.x to Firefox 4?

Used to having “Open link in New Tab” as a second option on Right click menu and now it is first?

Are you tired ending up with all those new windows you do *not* want?

Well, here is an add-on for you!

Legacy link context menu addon is an addon that swaps the position of those two menu items so you can have your legacy menu still on Firefox 4 :)

You can download it today from Mozilla Add-Ons website

Built by me using Jetpack, under 30minutes with guidance from Dietrich.. Thanks Dietrich!


Kenya Trip Day 1-2 and Firefox 4 Party

After a long flight via Istanbul, I finally landed to Nairobi well after midnight. Straight to the hotel downtown and tried to get some sleep.

Waking up next day, I had the pleasure to catch up with Dietrich Ayala (my fellow tripster), Alex Wafula and the rest of his team, shortly before hoping in a bus and head 4 hours North from Nairobi to give a talk about Firefox 4 and Mozilla to Egerton University at Njoro.

The atmosphere there was great and we had the chance to amaze and inform people about Firefox 4 :) Dietrich did an excellent job presenting all the new cool feature of Firefox and Alex closed the presentation with a brief introduction of Mozilla Kenya community.

Overall first day was exhausting in terms of travelling (~8 hours in a bus crossing Kenya, but with 3G in the middle of nowhere!) but it was rewarding to say the least, having the chance to be with more than 100 people talking about Firefox 4 :)

We went to sleep early because Day 2 would be Firefox 4 Party day!

Some meetings we had early morning where moved so we headed to iHub from early morning. iHub is an awesome hackerspace/co-working place in Nairobi and certainly a place to be if you are a geek traveling in Kenya :) Cool place, internet, and great people to meet!

That was the venue of our party so we stayed there to help with the preparations, although there were not many things to do as Alex and Linnet (our local Mozilla stars) had took care of almost everything! The place gradually got dressed up in Firefox colors and restructured so it could fit our needs. Projectors, invite list, tables, food were in place so we are about to start:

Although we were expecting 100 people to show up, we ended up having more than 200 people! Linnet was the MC for the night, while Alex was taking care that everything was in place :) Big team doing great stuff! We started with a presentation of the new Mozilla Kenya Website and then moved into a summary of Mozilla Kenya activities. Time for Dietrich and me to give our Firefox 4 and generic Mozilla talk! The room was full and we had the chance to amaze once again everyone that didn’t know things about Firefox 4. Short Q&A followed and then we split up into groups spending the rest of the night answering questions and getting feedback for Firefox 4. (we also had some awesome cake! at least everyone had some except from me :( 😛 )

Overall, the event was a total success, engaging people around Mozilla Kenya community. Congratulations once again to the Mozilla Kenya team! They certainly set the bar high for all the communities around the world!

You can find the photos from first two days here.

Stay tuned for updates and photos for the upcoming days :)